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Technology Can Help Your Employees Be Your Biggest Asset

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Jokes abound about the workplace conflict that sometimes occurs between employees and management.  After all, aren’t there whole comic strips devoted to just this dynamic?

Now I’m not here to delve into all the possible reasons for this conflict.  But as a small business owner myself,  I’d like to suggest that your employees are most likely the biggest asset to your business.  If you’ve hired well, you’ve probably seen your staff really wants to work for the good of the business – after all, they do have a personal interest in seeing the firm do well.

There are plenty of books and blogs on running a small business, so this article doesn’t need to go there.  Rather, for this article, I’d like to suggest that proper use of technology can help your employees be an even bigger asset to your business.  Here’s three ways you can build your team through technology management.

Define Acceptable Use

It is in every business’ best interest to have a written Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).  This should be a document that every employee reads, acknowledges, and follows.  It defines what are proper and improper uses of company information technology assets.  For example, should you staff be on social media sites during work hours (there might be valid times that they should)?  Define your expectation in that policy.  How about personal use of company computers?  That, too, should be in your policy.  A good AUP defines the expectations for good Information Technology behavior and helps guide the work of your team.  It’s a win for all.

Build Fences

We’ve all done it – gone to Instagram to briefly check out something, and before you know it a whole hour has gone by.  But when your team finds themselves on social media (or Amazon, or Cars.com, or …) for long periods during work hours, you’re losing productivity and costing yourself money.  The solution is pretty easy.  Invest in a good firewall that will let you control access to non-business sites.  Such a fence protects productivity, keeps employee HR issues down, and is a win for all.

Train For The Win

I’ve known owners who didn’t want to invest in staff training.  They had the fear that if their staff became more competent, they would then look for another job.  While that may indeed happen, I prefer to think that staff training is a win for everyone.  Training lets your staff become more productive at their jobs.  It shows you’re invested in their professional development.  And it also conveys that you care about them as a person.  Will training allow them to move on?  Perhaps, but that’s another issue for a different day.  The easy availability of technology training at a low cost makes this a win for everyone.

"Training lets your staff become more productive at their jobs. It shows you've invested in their professional development. And it also conveys that you care about them as a person."


There are more ways that technology management can help your employees be your biggest asset.  Here at Custom Internet Services, LLC, we’d like to be your partner in making technology work for you and your team.  How about giving me a call, and let’s talk about gaining some wins so your employees can be an even bigger asset for your business.

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