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Services We Provide

Custom Internet Services has the expertise make your network more secure and put in place plans to allow recovery in the event of a cyber incident.  The needs of each business or organization are unique, and we can address issues appropriate to your specific situation.

Contact us to learn more about how our team start securing your network.

Cybersecurity Services

Part of what makes cybersecurity hard to understand is that it can be difficult to ‘see’ cyber attacks take place and to understand why an attacker wants in our network. But the attacks come, and they are constantly increasing. We can help you plan and implement defenses, train your staff, monitor your networks, and recover from intrusions.

Network Services

Networks are at the heart and soul of business today. It doesn’t matter if it’s traditional servers and user computers, IoT, cellular, or cloud services – you need things to work together. Custom Internet Services has the expertise to help you maximize your current physical and cloud networks, as well as plan for the future. We can make all the parts of your network work together.

Compliance Management

Just about every business has to be in compliance with some kind of cybersecurity standard(s). Whether it be a formal standard like HIPAA, Essential Eight, and Nist CSF or an informal standard like often found in cyber insurance requirements, we can help. We can assist with policy development, technical expertise, and evidence collection to validate your compliance.

Website Services

Your website is where people find information about your company and your products and services. It is your Front Door for your customers and clients. Every website is as unique as the business it represents. Whether it’s a simple single page site, a more complex site with video, or a complete eCommerce store, we can help you maximize your web presence.

Social Media Services

If you want to stay connected to your customers and increase your brand awareness, you need to be on Social Media. Knowing when to post and on what platform can get a little overwhelming. Let our team help you stay up-to-date.

Disaster Recovery

Server crashes, malware attacks, human error, fire, and natural disasters are all examples of situations that can cause a crisis for your business. Advance planning on how to bring your network, services, and data back online can help ease the damage from such a crisis and provides assurance that your business can get back to business. Call us to help plan for disaster recovery.

VoIP Services

Connecting easily with your customers is a key need in every business. As an agent for the Nextiva phone system, we can help modernize communications so your customers can easily communicate with you.

Computer Hardware

Every business needs computer hardware. Whether it be laptops, servers, firewalls or other gear, we can help. Besides being a Dell Reseller, we have access to a vast range of IT and OT gear. Let us help you evaluate what you need, order to fit your requirements, and then install and manage so you get value from your investment.


Software can get very expensive. Let us help you evaluate what you need, then install and configure it for enhanced protection and productivity. We have access to a wide selection ranging from all Microsoft products to many other vendors.

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Bart Redford, CEO

Walnut Valley Festival

I’m not very computer savvy. I know what I want, but not how or if it can be accomplished. The patience shown and willingness to work with me to achieve my goals, is directly connected to having two amazing websites.


Mark Eastman, Owner

Timber Creek Construction / Solution Building

I have found Custom Internet Services to be knowledgeable, efficient and responsive when creating my new website. CIS has also gone the extra mile in assisting me with my marketing efforts.

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Rex Tallant, Owner

Sawnee Storage

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