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Sometimes technology can seem a little overwhelming.  There’s always something new to learn!  That’s why once a month we want to share ways you can improve your technology usage – always in a way that’s easy to understand.

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How to Properly Deploy IoT on a Business Network

IoT devices are weaving themselves into the fabric of modern business operations. But successfully deploying them on your existing network isn’t always easy. It can feel like navigating a maze.

Logo: Practical Cybersecurity

Practical Cybersecurity Webinar Series

Custom Internet Services is excited to announce our Practical Cybersecurity Webinar Series! These short, 30 minute webinars are provided free of charge to businesses and organizations with questions about improving their cybersecurity stance. Each monthly session covers a different topic and offers practical cybersecurity tips that you can put to use.

Three business professionals sitting at a table with open laptops having a discussion about cloud waste.

Smart Tactics to Reduce Cloud Waste at Your Business

Cloud waste is the unnecessary spending of resources and money on cloud services. These services are often not fully utilized or optimized. About 32% of cloud spending is wasted.

So, how can you reduce cloud waste at your business and save money? Here are some smart tactics to consider.

Woman's hand counting out hundred dollar bills. Blurred, in the background can be seen additional hundred dollar bills on a table and a calculator.

How a Data Breach Can Cost Your Business for Years

In the digital age, data is the lifeblood of businesses. It fuels operations, decision-making, and customer interactions. But there is a dark underbelly of this data-centric landscape. It’s the persistent threat of data breaches.