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Protect Your Data To Protect Your Business

Think about all the data that your businesses interact with on any given day. Customer data, quotes & proposals, payroll, employee profiles, etc. What would happen to your business if all that data were suddenly…lost?

Custom Internet Services can help your organization plan and implement systems to protect your data from loss and quickly get you back up and running in case of equipment loss and/or failure.

Data Backup Planning & Implementation

Data is a costly part of your business. Protect it from all types of failure or loss with our portfolio of backup solutions. Featuring the ability to create immutable backups, you can be confident that your data is protected from loss--even in cases of ransomware.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Can you stay in business if your computer network suffers catastrophic loss? What if you were to lose payroll? Accounts receivable or payable? Businesses are more than machines and buildings. Fire, flood, tornadoes, and other events all show the need to plan for data and equipment loss and/or failure. Contact us to start planning for the unthinkable and survive.

Disaster Recovery Testing

Having a disaster recovery plan is great, but has your plan ever been tested to ensure it works? We can help test, evaluate the results, and periodically reaffirm the ability of your DR plan as your business grows. Note that some insurance policies have provisions surrounding DR plan testing.

Emergency Computing Power

If the unthinkable happens and all your computing equipment is destroyed, how will you manage your business? While we can’t stop disasters from unfolding, we can help you plan for contingencies, including wrapping Azure Cloud computing and storage into the picture.

Contact us About Your Disaster Recovery Needs!