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What We Can Do For Your Network

Network design has a tremendous impact on cybersecurity! Everything from a server placement to network traffic access control lists impact network cybersecurity. And choosing the wrong network devices or software can increase the project cost! Custom Internet Services has the expertise to help you maximize your current network and plan for the future.

Contact us, whether you are building a new network or configuring an existing installation.

Network Planning, Design & Build Out

We can evaluate your specific networking needs for your business. Let us install or adapt your network to provide new or improved network coverage for your business and facilities. Whether your business is single or multi-site, we can make everything connect together to facilitate your growing needs.

Network Management

Something not working? Let us puzzle it out, or better, let us manage your IT for you and keep a close eye out on your network and its devices. Give us a call when you’re looking to expand or review your current network.

Cloud Networking

It's estimated that 98% of companies globally are using the cloud in some capacity to run their business. Custom Internet Services can help you implement cloud services such as Azure, Microsoft 365, or online backups into your organization's work environment.

Co-Managed IT

Sometimes a company's internal IT team requires a little extra help to keep up with demands of ever-changing technology. Custom Internet Services is willing and able to work with your existing IT team to enhance the technology offerings of your company.

Computer Hardware Sales

Aging equipment, employee changes, and keeping up with technology trends in your industry all can necessitate new equipment and/or service. We can help consult, obtain, and setup hardware for your organization from a variety of manufacturers.

Software Sales

Software is what really makes your computer network investment pay off. We can help evaluate software needs, advise on license requirements, and install and configure so your new software becomes a great productivity tool.

Mobile Device Management

Everyone loves their tablets and smart phones, but these same devices can lead to tremendous data and security problems on your network. And if you're letting your employees bring their personal devices to your company network, that opens up a whole additional set of problems. A good Mobile Device Management program is imperative in today’s world.

Compliance Management

Organizations can be held to a variety of compliance regulations and insurance requirements. HIPAA, PCI-DSS, CCPA, GDPR...and the list goes on. Let Custom Internet Services help implement policies and technology to help keep you compliant with the regulations relevant to your industry.

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