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The Support You Need, How You Need It!

Support doesn’t have to be complicated.  At Custom Internet Services, we provide a variety of ways to contact our office to ask questions and receive help.

Please note:  If you require support for a White Horse Domains product, please use the FAQ link or 24/7 support number provided.  We are unable to support these products through other channels.

Email Support

Send your questions directly to our support team using the email support@custominternet.biz.

In-Person Support

We are always happy to talk to our clients in person! Support can be provided in-person at our office or over the phone.

104 1/2 W 9th, Suite 500
Winfield, KS 67156
(620) 221-3614

Share Your Screen

Need to share your screen with us for extra help? A support tech may direct you to this page to launch our screen sharing software.

White Horse Domains Support

Search for answers in our FAQ of White Horse Domains products or call (480) 624-2500 for 24/7 support from a live tech.