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Preparing for Ransomware

May 9, 10:30 AM

Ransomware is an ever-growing threat to organizations and businesses of all size – no one is immune. The average ransomware attack in 2023 caused 22 days of downtime for the business or organization, and had a ransom of $1.54 million dollars. Even if a ransom is not paid, recovery costs can easily run into high figures. Numbers like these make it well worth the time to prepare to keep ransomware out, and to recover efficiently if ransomware does creep in. Join us as we talk about how to prepare for this scourge of business.

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What's a Firewall? Why Does It Matter?

June 13, 10:30 AM

When your IT provider recommends a firewall that might cost a couple thousand dollars, what makes that worth more than the cheap firewall you can buy at Walmart? And if Windows comes with a built-in firewall, why do we even need to buy one at all? If you’ve ever been confused by this topic and wondered why you should spend money on something that Windows has included, then this webinar is for you. We’ll give a brief intro to different types of firewalls and their use, so you can understand the differences.

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Why Do We Need MFA?

July 11, 10:30 AM

Don’t you hate logging into something, only to have to go to your phone to get a special access code? Or how about going to a website to login, only to have a code texted to your phone. And if you’ve switched phone numbers – well, your problems may just be starting. So why do we use Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)? Is it really worth the hassle? What good does it accomplish? If you’ve ever been frustrated with MFA, then this session is for you.

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What Does Cyber Insurance Expect of Me?

August 8, 10:30 AM

Cyber insurance almost seems like this black hole that is mysterious to understand. Yet if we’re victims of a cyber incident – something like ransomware, social engineering, business email compromise, etc – we’re going to want that insurance to pay off. So what can we do to enhance the likelihood that cyber insurance will pay when needed? What does my cyber insurance policy expect of me? That’s what we’re going to explore in this fast paced session.

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What Happens If My Laptop or Phone is Stolen?

September 12, 10:30 AM

It used to be that losing a cell phone or laptop wasn’t really that big a deal. But in today’s cloud-connected world, most of us carry the keys to our digital life around on both our laptops and phones. If one of those devices is lost or stolen – well, the results can be catastrophic. For example, if that lost cell phone has the login credentials to the company bank account, a bad actor may be able to steal funds. If that laptop has pics of the family, that may just give a thief information about where you live. Protecting the data on our devices is important, and we’ll talk about how to protect this data in the event of loss or theft.

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Backup Planning

October 10, 10:30 AM

If there’s one thing certain in life, it’s that things will fail. Take your business computer system for example – did you realize that the data on that computer and time invested in creating and maintaining that data is worth far more than the computer itself? At the heart of protecting that data is a robust backup and recovery strategy. In this session, we’ll introduce the current 3-2-1 backup best practice, discuss immutability with regards to backups, and learn what needs to be protected.

About the Presenter

Steve Strom, Owner/IT Integration 2019

Steve is the Owner and CTO for Custom Internet Services. He has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology and taught IT for 13 years at the college level. He holds several IT certifications from Microsoft and CompTIA and has served as a reviewer or technical editor for several Microsoft certification course books. His cybersecurity experience includes holding several Global Information Assurance Certifications (GSEC, GCIA, GCIH, GCFA, GWEB, GICSP) as well as the NSTISSI 4011 sponsored by the Committee on National Security Systems.

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