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Why Website Security Matters

Woman sitting at laptop and looking at a credit card as if considering website security

The whole process of website security looks so simple, doesn’t it? I mean, how hard can it be to create a website and keep it secure?

After all website design is something just about any high school kid can do.  Can’t I just hire someone like that to create my business website?  And who really cares about security–it’s just a bunch of words and pictures on the web, isn’t it?  Why can’t I use the cheapest option possible?

You may have thought something like this about your website.  After all, it can be difficult to understand what goes on behind the scenes of your site.  And all those acronyms like TLS, HTTP, JPG, and more don’t make it any simpler.  I’d like to help you understand the importance of securing your website.

Here’s five reasons why you should care about your website security-

1. Secure sites rank better in search.

The major search engines look at certain things on your site to help push you up in the rankings.  But if they find your site has been compromised, they may even block access to your site.  Each of these conditions affects your bottom line.

2. Secure sites show customers you're a better business.

When you’re online and searching for something, which business would you use your credit card with–one that comes up with a warning from Google that ‘this site may not be secure’, or the one that passes the checks for Google as a secure site?

3. Bad actors can use an insecure site to distribute malware.

I saw a church site a few years ago that, unknown to the church, was used by bad actors to push an IRS scam.  Obviously, the church was mortified when they found out.

4. Bad actors can use an insecure site to access your internal network.

If you host your website on your office network, someone can get in your site and pivot to your internal network.  If you host with a cloud provider, a bad actor can host some kind of back door which your staff can inadvertently download and give the bad guy access.

5. An insecure site can cost you lots of money.

If you collect any kind of customer information on your site, and a bad actor gets hold of that information, it can cost you dearly.  Some estimates put the cost as high as $300 per each record lost.  You can see the costs climb pretty quickly.

"If you collect any kind of customer information on your site, and a bad actor gets hold of that information, it can cost you dearly."

Website security is really important.  If you’d like to discuss security for your website, give us a call at 620-221-3614.  We’d love to help!

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