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Websites Big or Small, Hackers Want Them All!

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Why does a secure website matter?

If you have a secure website you are more likely to rank higher and show your customers you run a great business.  If your website is not secure it can be used to distribute malware, access your internal network, and cost you lots of money!

"If your website is not secure it can be used to distribute malware, access your internal network, and cost you lost of money!"

How does Custom Internet Services help to keep our clients' websites secure?

Private Servers

Custom Internet Services only hosts client sites on our servers.  That means we choose how is using server capacity, and almost eliminates the possibility of being black listed.

Daily Backups

We create backups of all our websites daily and move those backups off-site.

State-Of-The-Art Firewall

We protect the hosting servers with a state-of-the art next generation firewall supported by more-than-daily updates.  In addition, each website is protected by a Web Application Firewall supported by rule sets from a leading security firm.  All this is done to protect your site from defacement or malware.

Content Management Updates

Our team installs updates to the Content Management System code for each web site as security issues are discovered.  This helps keep your website safe.

Disaster Recovery Capabilities

We maintain multiple servers as well as disaster recovery capabilities.  These steps help ensure your site stays on the internet!

SSL Certificates

In today’s world every website needs an SSL certificate.  Custom Internet Services includes an SSL certificate free when you host with us.

Custom Internet Services only hosts our clients on our servers so we know exactly who is sharing hosting space.  For information about hosting on a secure website environment, contact us by phone at 620-221-3614 or by email at

Request Your Online Presence Evaluation

Let our web & social team perform an evaluation of your company’s online presence.  With training and certifications in Search Engine Optimization, Social Marketing, Google My Business, and Website Accessibility, our team has the skills to guide you and your business into greater visibility on the web!

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