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Why Use Web Hosting With Custom Internet Services?

Let’s face it – you can find cheaper hosting, so why use web hosting through Custom Internet Services?

Secure IP Neighbors

Low cost hosting is done on shared servers with up to thousands of other websites on the same IP address and same server. This means your business could very well be sharing server capacity with a porn site, malware site, or botnet server.

Black List Protection

Because all the sites in low cost hosting share the same IP address, if an organization decides to block a questionable site from that IP or if that IP gets black listed as hosting malware or botnets, it is likely all the sites on that server would be blocked. That means your site would probably be unavailable.

Custom Internet Services only hosts client sites on our servers. That means we choose who is using server capacity, and almost eliminates the possibility of being black listed.

Daily Backups

Custom Internet Services makes backups of all hosted sites daily and moves those backups off site. In a cheap hosting environment, you are responsible for backups yourself.

Firewall Protections

Custom Internet Services protects the hosting servers with a state-of-the-art next generation firewall supported by more-than-daily updates. In addition, the web server itself is protected by a Web Application Firewall supported by rule sets from a leading security firm. All this is done to protect your site from defacement or malware. In a cheap hosting environment, these protections are frequently not available and it is your responsibility to configure any site security.

Regular System Updates

Custom Internet Services installs updates to the Content Management System code for each website as security issues are discovered. This helps keep your website safe. In a cheap hosting environment, you are responsible for any system updates.

Disaster Recovery Capabilities

Custom Internet Services maintains multiple servers as well as disaster recovery capabilities. These steps help ensure your site stays on the internet!

Free SSL Certificate

In today’s world every website needs an SSL certificate. Custom Internet Services includes an SSL certificate free when you host with us.

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