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Why Monitor My Network?

Man looking intently at his computer monitor

Today my wife and I were out driving our car, and the dashboard, ‘Maintenance Required’ indicator came on.  Looks like we’re due for an oil change.  At our office, one of the first tasks we do every morning is check the security cameras to be sure nothing took place since the last workday.  It’s something we do on a daily basis.  And each morning I step on a scale to see my weight.  It’s an important indicator of overall health.

What do these three events have in common?  They’re each some type of regular monitoring of a condition that is considered important.  We all regularly monitor various things.  Yet have you ever considered the importance of monitoring your computer network?  If not, let me give you three reasons why regular network monitoring is something you should consider.

"We all regularly monitor various things. Yet have you ever considered the importance of monitoring your computer network?"

1. Monitoring can catch problems early.

Here’s one example.  The Volume Shadow Service (VSS) is a great tool that can be used to recover from various data loss situations.  We recommend that everyone use this great tool and enable it.  Yet we’ve found over the years that this service can sometimes get turned off unexpectedly.  If you’re counting on VSS as one option to help recover in the event of data loss, you definitely want it to be on.  But if you’re not regularly monitoring, how will you know if this tool gets inadvertently turned off?

2. Monitoring can save you money.

Let’s suppose you come to the office one morning and discover that internet connectivity is really slow.  You know it’s been getting that way over time, but today you decide to call your internet provider and order a speed upgrade.  But is this upgrade really necessary?  If network slowness is caused by something else on your network, you may be able to resolve that issue and save the cost of the upgrade.  Regular monitoring can help you know where problems lie so you can address them in a cost-effective manner.

3. Monitoring can help meet compliance requirements.

If you’re in an industry that is subject to regulatory or compliance requirements, it is likely that network monitoring is a piece of those requirements.  Often these frameworks will require network monitoring to ensure that processes and procedures are up to standards.

There’s no doubt that network monitoring can help your business.  If you’d like to know more, how about giving us a call?  We’d be glad to discuss your monitoring needs, and how monitoring can help your network run at top performance.

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