But Anyone Can Build a Network, Right?

"After all, what could be so hard about plugging a few wires together? And what's so difficult about setting up a few Windows machines and a Linux server or two?"

A lot of people have expressed thoughts similar to the statement above, and do so in all sincerity.  But in reality, building a good network is often more difficult than it seems. Let me suggest a few reasons why that is so.

  1. Putting Together the Networking Puzzle PiecesNetwork Design has a tremendous impact on cybersecurity. Everything from server placement to network traffic access control lists impact network cybersecurity.  Remember - It is easier to design a network with security in mind than to try to add in security later.
  2. Choosing the wrong network devices or software can increase the project cost. Trying to save money by purchasing a router at Walmart may sound like a good idea, but it just isn't so. Buying the right equipment at the outset is not only good design, but it also is a step to raise your cybersecurity stance.
  3. Misconfiguring Windows or Linux can make your network more vulnerable. Windows and Linux are extremely complicated pieces of software. According to Wikipedia, Windows Server 2003 had about 50 million lines of code while a Mac OS X has about 86 million lines of source code. Misconfiguring features and services in this mass of code only opens up avenues for attackers.

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