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Do you have a responsive website…or frustrated customers?

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Your business has a website, but have you given any thought to how it looks on a smartphone? How does it look on a tablet? Research conducted by GWI found that 96.3% of Americans now own a smart phone and 50.2% of Americans own a tablet device. Not only that, but 90.2% of users access the internet via their mobile device. So, while your website may be spectacular on your desktop computer, some customers may never see it that way.

Mobile shoppers can have a big impact on your business. According to GWI, 55.4% of Americans have purchased a product online via a mobile phone. Don’t worry about it hurting sales at your brick-and-mortar location though, because according to Google, 61% of shoppers would rather shop with brands that also have a physical location. Often a mobile site is used to conduct research and plan a shopping trip before actually traveling to the brick-and-mortar location to make a purchase.

So how do you entice mobile shoppers to use your website? Make it responsive. Customers want a website that functions as well as on their phones as it does on a computer. A responsive website will automatically resize your content to fit any screen size. No more scrolling around or zooming pages in and out. When you change to a responsive website your customers will thank you, and that thanks will be shown in sales.

"When you change to a responsive website your customers will thank you, and that thanks will be shown in sales."

Need a little more incentive? In 2018 Google switched to mobile-first indexing. That means their “Google-Bot” doesn’t even look at your desktop site anymore. Google only wants to see what you have available for mobile visitors.

Not sure if your website is responsive? Google offers a free tool that will analyze your site to determine if it is mobile friendly and show you what their indexing bot sees. For questions on how to make your website responsive, contact sales@custominternet.biz.

Request Your Online Presence Evaluation

Let our web & social team perform an evaluation of your company’s online presence.  With training and certifications in Search Engine Optimization, Social Marketing, Google My Business, and Website Accessibility, our team has the skills to guide you and your business into greater visibility on the web!

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