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Smart Tactics to Reduce Cloud Waste at Your Business

Three business professionals sitting at a table with open laptops having a discussion about cloud waste.

Cloud waste is the unnecessary spending of resources and money on cloud services. These services are often not fully utilized or optimized. About 32% of cloud spending is wasted.

So, how can you reduce cloud waste at your business and save money? Here are some smart tactics to consider.

How a Data Breach Can Cost Your Business for Years

Woman's hand counting out hundred dollar bills. Blurred, in the background can be seen additional hundred dollar bills on a table and a calculator.

In the digital age, data is the lifeblood of businesses. It fuels operations, decision-making, and customer interactions. But there is a dark underbelly of this data-centric landscape. It’s the persistent threat of data breaches.

5 Ways to Leverage Microsoft 365’s New AI Innovations

Hands holding a smartphone with the Microsoft Copilot logo. In the background is the Microsoft logo.

The Microsoft 365 platform has been adding some amazing AI innovations. They sit inside tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and more. Here are 5 ways you can leverage Microsoft Copilot to enhance your experience, as well as significantly boost your productivity.

What Is the Most Secure Way to Share Passwords with Employees?

Tablet on a desk showing a generic login page asking for username and password.

Passwords cause over 80% of data breaches. Hackers get in using stolen, weak, or reused (and easily breached) passwords.

But passwords are a part of life. We use them for websites, apps, and more.

Since you can’t get around passwords, how do you share them with employees safely?

These 5 Small Business Tech Trends Can Fuel Your Growth

Smiling woman sitting in front of a laptop computer.

Embracing the right tech trends can help businesses compete. But it can be confusing knowing which routes to take.

These five trends have the potential to drive success, as well as propel your business forward in an increasingly competitive market.

What is Zero-Click Malware? How Do You Fight It?

Computer code spread across a computer screen with gaps in the middle to form a skull

In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity threats continue to evolve. One such threat gaining prominence is zero-click malware. It requires no user interaction and can silently compromise devices and networks. Once it infects a device, it can execute a range of malicious activities.

Is Your Online Shopping App Invading Your Privacy?

Closeup of woman holding a phone in her right hand and a credit card in her left hand

Online shopping has become a common activity for many people. It’s convenient, easy, and allows us to buy items from the comfort of our homes. But with the rise of online shopping, there are concerns about privacy and security.