White Horse Domains

It is no surprise to small business owners that having your business online is...well...good for business.  What does often surprise business owners is the cost.  White Horse Domains (a product of Custom Internet Services, LLC) aims to make creating a web presence simple, and affordable for all small business owners.

Do you have a domain yet?  Domain names can be registered with White Horse Domains for as little as $9.99/yr (plus $0.18 ICANN fee).  If you already have a domain registered somewhere else, our Transfer Concierge® can help you transfer your domain to White Horse Domains with a Free 1-yr extension!

Are you looking to start a business website?  We offer a variety of options including web hosting, WordPress Hosting, or a simple-to-use Website Builder®.

Want to open an online store?  Quick Shopping Cart® makes it easy for you to sell your products, and an SSL Certificate makes sure all customer information is sent in an encrypted form.

Ready for an email with your own company branding?  Use your domain to set up an easily identifiable email name.

Trying to get the word out to customers about an exciting, upcoming event?  Keep them informed with easy-to-use Email Marketing.

Need to get rid of that clunky, old fax machine?  Why not try sending your Fax Thru Email?

Not sure what you small business needs?  Talk with Stacey about what White Horse Domains and Custom Internet Services can do to help broaden your company's presence on the web.