Disaster Recovery as a Service

Custom Internet Services LLC is an Infrascale DRaaS solution partner.

Infrascale: Eradicate Downtime and Data Loss

 Disaster Recovery as a Service

Infrascale delivers a cloud-backend disaster recovery as a service solution so you can instantly run your systems in our cloud when they go down due to hardware failure or natural disasters.


Here's What You Get

  • Near-Zero Downtime with a 15 minute failover guarantee
  • 90% Disaster Recovery Savings - Lower TCO than competitors
  • Operational Savings with a Single, On Demand Backup and DR platform


With Infrascale DRaaS You Can

  • Deploy in Any Form - Agent software, on-premise appliance, virtual appliance
  • Backup Any Device - Physical and Virtual Servers, workstations, laptops, and mobile devices
  • Store in Any Cloud
    • Infrascale Cloud:  Replicate to one of our 12 geographically dispersed data centers
    • Private Cloud:  Deploy to your private cloud
    • Third-party clouds (i.e. AWS or Windows Azure)
  • Recover Anything - Running machines, applications, disks, folders, and files.
  • Guaranteed 15 minute Failover - Minimize downtime with push-button failover so you can boot systems and servers in the cloud or from a local appliance.  Supported OS include:  Windows, Linux, VMware, and Hyper-V
  • Failback any system - VMs, applications, servers, and networks back to your primary environment
  • Increase Data Security
    • Data is encrypted with the user's key (optional)
    • Data is sent through tunnel with AES-256 encryption
    • Data remains encrypted at rest within the data center


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Infrascale provides the most powerful disaster recovery and cloud backup solutions in the world.  Founded in 2006, the company aims to give every organization the ability to recover from a disaster--quickly, easily and affordably.  Combining intelligent software with the power of the cloud, Infrascale cracks the disaster recovery cost barrier by removing the complexity and cost of standby infrastructure to restore operations in minutes with a push of a button.  Infrascale equips businesses with the confidence to handle the unexpected by providing less downtime, greater security, and always-on availability.

Custom Internet Services LLC

Custom Internet Services LLC is an Infrascale DRaaS solution partner. Contact us about building a Disaster Recovery solution!