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These 5 Small Business Tech Trends Can Fuel Your Growth

Smiling woman sitting in front of a laptop computer.

Embracing the right tech trends can help businesses compete. But it can be confusing knowing which routes to take.

These five trends have the potential to drive success, as well as propel your business forward in an increasingly competitive market.

Is Your Online Shopping App Invading Your Privacy?

Closeup of woman holding a phone in her right hand and a credit card in her left hand

Online shopping has become a common activity for many people. It’s convenient, easy, and allows us to buy items from the comfort of our homes. But with the rise of online shopping, there are concerns about privacy and security.

What Do I Look For In A Backup Provider?

Woman sitting at desk, working on a laptop computer.

Comparing backup providers can be difficult. Here are some things to consider:

Is the backup software easy for your users? Can it run automatically in a ‘hands off’ configuration? If you need to recover, how easily can you do it?