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What is Zero-Click Malware? How Do You Fight It?

Computer code spread across a computer screen with gaps in the middle to form a skull

In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity threats continue to evolve. One such threat gaining prominence is zero-click malware. It requires no user interaction and can silently compromise devices and networks. Once it infects a device, it can execute a range of malicious activities.

Is Your Online Shopping App Invading Your Privacy?

Closeup of woman holding a phone in her right hand and a credit card in her left hand

Online shopping has become a common activity for many people. It’s convenient, easy, and allows us to buy items from the comfort of our homes. But with the rise of online shopping, there are concerns about privacy and security.

6 Things You Should Do to Handle Data Privacy Updates

Laptop screen showing a an online map.

Once data began going digital, authorities realized a need to protect it. Thus, the creation of data privacy rules and regulations to address cyber threats. Many organizations have one or more data privacy policies they need to meet.

Don’t worry, we have some tips below for you. These can help you keep up with data privacy updates coming your way.

8 Reasons Every Company Is Now a Technology Company

Hands typing on a laptop keyboard

Whether you sell shoes or run an accounting firm, you need some type of technology to operate.

Today’s companies aren’t just in the business of selling their own goods and services anymore.
They also must master various types of digital tools.

98% of surveyed organizations say that just one hour of IT downtime costs more than $100,000.

The reliance on technology means that every company is now a technology company.

Mobile Malware Has Increased 500% – What Should You Do?

Man standing on street corner checking his mobile device

Cybersecurity researchers uncovered an alarming mobile statistic. During the first few months of 2022, mobile malware attacks surged by 500%. It’s time to start thinking about your smartphone as a mini-computer and keeping it just as secure.

7 VoIP Setup Tips for a More Productive Office

Woman talking on phone while working a a laptop computer

While VoIP is the way to go for the future, this doesn’t mean it’s foolproof. Companies that don’t set up their system efficiently, can experience issues including dropped calls, low bandwidth, and features left unused. If you’ve been struggling to make your cloud phone system more efficient, check out these VoIP setup tips below.

What to Include in a Year-End Technology Infrastructure Review

Business employees meeting to discuss year-end technology infrastructure review

When the year is coming to a close, it’s the perfect time to plan for the future. Most businesses begin the year with the hope of growing and improving operations. Much of how a business operates depends on technology. So, it makes sense to look to your IT for areas of optimization.

Websites Big or Small, Hackers Want Them All!

Keyboard sitting on desk in dark room

If you have a secure website you are more likely to rank higher and show your customers you run a great business.  If your websites is not secure it can be used to distribute malware, access your internal network, and cost you lots of money!