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Practical Cybersecurity Webinar Series

Logo: Practical Cybersecurity

Custom Internet Services is excited to announce our Practical Cybersecurity Webinar Series! These short, 30 minute webinars are provided free of charge to businesses and organizations with questions about improving their cybersecurity stance. Each monthly session covers a different topic and offers practical cybersecurity tips that you can put to use.

14 Helpful Tips for New Year Digital Decluttering

A clean computer desktop after digital decluttering.

As the new year begins, it’s the perfect time for a digital declutter. A clean and organized digital environment can help you improve your productivity. It also reduces stress. Here are some practical tips to help you declutter your digital space.

What Is The Website Design Process?

Two woman looking at tablet and discussing the website design process

Building a new website, or redesigning an existing one can seem like an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be. Our website designers have broken the website design process down into four simple steps.

Sharing Photos Online

Man and woman taking selfie outdoors with a lighthouse in the background

Photographs and video are a great way to add a personal touch to your website. Whether you want to recap an exciting event or just share how you see the world around you, photographs and videos make a very visual point. However, just like anything else, there are some guidelines you should follow to keep yourself and those around you safe.

Why Do I Need A Business Website?

Open sign in a business window

Your business website can be whatever you want it to be, but it serves as your home base. Whether you are a local business that is well established, or an e-commerce site just starting out, a website will help you get noticed and help build the reputation of your business.

What Does That Little Padlock Really Mean?

Chrome web browser showing little padlock in url bar

That little padlock in our browser bar – we’ve all see it while shopping online and have been warned by our banks to look for it. But what does that little padlock really mean?

How Do I Choose A Domain Name?

Typewriter with a paper that says "Domain Search"

Choosing your domain name is an important first step in developing your web presence. Not only does your domain name affect your website, but also your branded company email. Once a domain is in use it becomes very difficult to change without confusing customers. Here are some considerations for choosing a domain name.

How Do I Recycle E-Waste?

Old "Sharp" computer keyboard abandoned in a parking garage

Would it surprise you to know that the world’s fastest growing source of garbage is actually e-waste? Learn more about how to recycle e-waste to help keep harmful chemicals and valuable metals out of our landfills!

What Does Your Online Presence Say About Your Company?

Tablet showing a website with a 404 error

Your clients and customers are looking for you on the web. If your web presence isn’t in order you could be sending potential sales to your competitors! But, with a website, Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest…where do you even begin?