What's the Process?


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I Want a Website That is a . . .




Professional Build

1.  Meet with the web developer to discuss what your web presence currently consists of and what direction your company would like to go.  Some things to consider when planning your website creation or rebuild would be:

  • What makes up your current web presence?  Do you currently have a website?  Social Media?  A domain name?  Branded e-mail?  Do you already have a logo and graphics?
  • Are you wanting to sell things on your website?  How many products will you sell?  How many images of each product are you wanting to show?  Do you plan on increasing the number of products you offer?  If so, how soon?
  • How aggressively do you plan to market your website and/or products?  Are you considering pay-per-click ads?  Content ads?
  • Are you planning to integrate social media?  If so, what are your goals for these sites?  Which sites did you have in mind?
  • What, if any, features would you like to add to your website in the future?
  • Who will be maintaining your website and/or social media?  Will you do it yourself, or would you like Custom Internet Services to make your changes?

2.  We start creating!  A first draft of the site will be created and presented for your review.  If you like what you see then we'll keep going.  If not, we'll make the changes to make you happy.  During the build (or rebuild) process you will have lots of opportunities to make sure the project is going in the right direction.

3.  After you have given your stamp of approval, we will make it live and you can begin using your new website.  To make sure you get the most out of your new website, we will provide up to 4 hours of training to two different users on how to add articles, video, and images to your site.

4.  Keeping things current is important not only to keep things looking nice, but also to keep things secure.  After your site has gone live, Custom Internet Services will continue to host your website, make offsite backups daily, and update your CMS software monthly.  If you so choose, we can also update your website content.  You tell us what changes need to be made and we will see that they happen!

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For building your own website, Custom Internet Services offers two options. For beginners we recommend using a drag-and-drop Website Builder. For more advanced users we recommend using Managed WordPress.


I Want To Build It Myself Using. . .


Drag-and-Drop Website Builder
Managed WordPress


























Website Builder

1.  Register a domain name.

2.  Choose your Website Builder plan.

3.  Login to your Website Builder account and click "Launch"

4.  When prompted, select the domain name you have chosen for your website.

5.  Choose "Make Your Website Perfect" and then use the drag-and-drop builder to begin creating your website OR choose "Get Your Website Online Fast" to use a pre-filled template.

6.  Publish your website!

7.  Having trouble?  Call our Support Team at (480) 624-2500.  We'd be glad to help!

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1.  Register a domain name.

2.  Pick your Managed WordPress package.

3.  Login to your Managed WordPress account and click "Launch".

4.  Click "Applications" and choose to install WordPress.

5.  Follow the prompts to choose your domain name, admin name, password, email and blog title.

6.  Click "Finish".

7.  Once you receive a confirmation email that WordPress has been installed you can login and begin creating your website.

8.  Stuck?  If you need help getting started call our Support Team at (480) 624-2500.  For help related to WordPress, click the "Help" button in the upper-right-hand corner of your WordPress dashboard.

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