What We Can Do

Networks are the heart and soul of much business today.  Custom Internet Services has the expertise to help you maximize your current network and plan for the future. In addition to the Cybersecurity Services noted elsewhere on this site, we can help you handle your networking needs.  Some of our services are as follows --


Networking Services

  • Policy Development: Clear policies enable everyone to know what is expected behavior on the network as well as laying the legal foundation for any personnel actions. We can help you create clear, appropriate policies for your situation.
  • Network Planning, Design, Build out, & Management: Give us a call when you're looking to expand or review your current network.
  • Mobile Device Management: Everyone loves their tablets and smart phones, but these same devices can lead to tremendous data and security problems on your network. A good Mobile Device Management program is imperative in today's world.
  • Data Backup Planning & Implementation: I'm always amazed at the number of good businesses that have not planned for data backup and recovery. Data is the most costly part of your business. Let us help you protect it.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning: There are lots of catastrophes that could destroy your network. Fire, flood, tornados and other events all show the need to plan for the unthinkable.  When you're ready to plan, give us a call.
  • Network Traffic Analysis: Many times the cheapest way to gain additional network capacity is to analyze the traffic going across your network and eliminate traffic that is no longer needed.  If you'd like to consider this option, please contact us.