What Needs Protected and Why?

Protect All Your Devices From Data LossThat's a really good question.  With the proliferation of devices, cloud services, tablets, laptops, mobile devices and 'internet of things' - well, the question just gets more complicated.

So let's begin with the 'Why' part of the question. Why do I need to worry about data protection? The simple answer is that you need to worry about protecting your data because your data is - in almost every situation - the most valuable component of your system. It represents thousands of man hours of work, and most of it is probably irreplaceable from paper records alone. Protecting your data is a form of insurance that is very inexpensive compared to the potential risk cost.

There are lots of potential causes of data loss.  Some of the most common that I've seen are --

  • Accidental deletion by a user
  • Failure of a hard drive
  • Malware or cyber attack
  • Intentional deletion by an unhappy (ex)employee

People are often amazed at the variety of data that needs protected. While not an exhaustive list, you will likely find that you need to protect these types of data -

  • Email archives or Exchange data stores
  • Laptop/Desktop files
  • Network device configuration files
  • Tablet/Mobile device documents
  • Documents stored in cloud services
  • Databases
  • SharePoint files.
  • Virtual Machines
  • Server/Laptop system images
  • Photos

A good backup plan needs to be designed, implemented, and then tested to be sure it works as intended. Be sure to contact us if we can be of assistance.