OK - you're ready to begin getting your network more secure and you want to put in place plans to allow recovery in the event of a cyber incident. But where do you find the expertise to facilitate that process? Your staff is already stretched thin, how can more get done?

If that's your situation, then we can help.  Custom Internet Services has the expertise to help your organization progress down the road towards better Cybersecurity.  Based on the plan outlined in the article titled 'Where do I begin?', we can help you and your business implement the areas appropriate to your situation.  Specifically, we can address the following issues for your business --


Cybersecurity Assessment

An accurate assessment of the current state of your network and software systems is always the first place to begin when considering Cybersecurity. We will work with your team to determine what needs reviewed in your situation and then craft a customized assessment to reach those goals.  This assessment can include, but is not limited to, the following types of items -

  • Cybersecurity AssessmentEmail scanning prior to reaching your employees
  • Reviewing what the world sees thru your public IP addresses
  • State of operating systems, applications, and updates across your servers and client computers
  • Mobile device access & issues.
  • Wireless access security
  • State of routers, switchers, and other controllers.
  • Practices for handling Personally Identifiable Information
  • Current state of backups
  • Existing IT policies
  • And other issues that might be important in your situation!

Cybersecurity Planning & Implementation

Based on the results of the Cybersecurity Assessment, we can help you develop a step-by-step plan customized to your situation. This plan will help you get the 'most bang for your buck' by focusing on the initial steps with the biggest payback in your network. We can also help you create appropriate IT policies so that everyone knows what is expected.


Cybersecurity Training

You can find a whole section on our Cybersecurity Training here. If you need something not listed or you require a custom class, please contact us.


Incident Recovery Evaluation

No one wants a cyber incident, but they will happen for the majority of businesses. Let us work with you to evaluate just what your organization could withstand in an incident, and then help you craft and implement a plan to increase your resiliency in the event of an attack.


Incident Recovery Pre-Planning

Because the chances are high that your organization will experience some form of cyber incident, it is only prudent to make plans for that possibility.  Custom Internet Services can help you develop those plans. Depending on your situation, we'll focus on two primary areas --

  • Data Recovery Planning & Implementation: This is a hugely important area that far too many organizations don't handle well. The proliferation of computers, tablets, mobile devices and cloud services often results in data being scattered across all these devices and clouds. Without a data backup plan that takes into account this plethora of devices and clouds as well as their individual backup needs, it is far too common to discover that something critical failed to get backed up.  You can find much more on this topic under the 'Data Protection' main menu at the top of this page. We'd love to help you solve this problem.
  • Network Recovery Planning & Implementation: It is far too possible that a cyber incident will result in a portion of your network becoming unusable for a period of time. We can help you craft a plan to handle that possibility.


Incident Response

You've done your best to secure your network while planning and preparing in the event of a breach.  Yet despite your best work, it happens - your network has been compromised in a cyber incident.  Now what?

There's no doubt this can be a scary time. And how you respond can be important in determining the legal ramifications. Call us at 620-221-3614 for assistance to recover from that incident.