Cybersecurity Q&A

1. Is Cybersecurity really an issue?

Answer:  Yes. People all around the world are actively trying to breach or damage your networks. You can see a series of Is Cybersecurity Really a Need? in real time in the previous article.

 2. Who wants into my network?

Answer:  There are generally five types of bad actors. First are people who are simply mischievous. Second are those looking for criminal or financial gain. Third are nation states attempting to gain a strategic advantage. Fourth are the 'hacktivists' who do hacking in support of a cause. And fifth are those who simply want to destroy stuff. As you can imagine, there are plenty of people who want into your network.

 3. Why would anyone want in my computer or network? I don’t have anything valuable.

Answer:  We often think of bank or credit account information as valuable, and it is. But a computer with network access is by itself valuable. A bad actor can use your computer as a launch point to attack someone else, pivot from your computer into another network, or 'rent' your compromised computer to someone else for criminal use (all without your knowledge).

 4. Can hackers really do damage by accessing my network?

Answer:  Yes. Besides stealing personally identifiable information (PII), hackers can damage physical infrastructure, corrupt data files, and pivot from one device to another across the network. Hackers can also use your network as a launch point for attacks against others. But damage to your network is only the start of potential consequences.

 5. You mean there may be other consequences for running an insecure network?

Answer:  Besides the loss of public confidence when the breach becomes known and the monetary costs associated with containing the damage, the network owner may also be legally liable if the hacked network is used for illegal activity or as a launch point to attack others. We're also seeing lawsuits from people who had their information stolen against companies who's networks have been hacked. This will likely only increase.

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