Protect Your Domain From Scams! |

Recently I started a new adventure with a personal blog.  It wasn't long after registering my domain that I began receiving loads of spam to my email.  It seems everyone wants to design my website, create my logo, or boost my web traffic.  Most of these I deleted without even reading.  I did, however, get one that was especially bothersome. 

It was a "courtesy reminder" that I needed to register my domain.  Now because I help manage the registrar my domain is with I saw this for what it was--a scam.  But for others, it may be confusing whether or not emails such as this are honest.

If you receive one of these emails, here is what you should do:

  1. Stop and think.  Does this make sense?  In my case, I had just registered my domain for 1 year, so to receive this a week later made no sense.
  2. Know your registrar.  White Horse Domains will clearly mark all our emails in accordance with CAN-SPAM regulations.  If you get an email from a vague source that should be a big red flag!
  3. Call Support.  If you're not sure, or an email has you worried, call Support before you act on their instructions.  Use a phone number from the registrar's website or paperwork from a previous transaction.  Do NOT use a phone number or link from the suspicious email!
  4. Consider Private Registration.  For a very low price you can use a proxy service to register your domain.  That means their information will be shown to the public instead of yours.  Most, but not all domains are eligible for private registration.  In my case, I registered a .US domain which does not allow private registration.