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You have seen the common Top-Level domains .com, .org, and .edu.  You may have even come across some ccTLD (country code Top-Level Domains) such as .us, .uk, or .asia.  The domain names of the internet are about to change again.  

For the past year ICANN (International Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers) has been releasing new domains to open up  the availability of the internet. These gTLDs (generic Top-Level Domains) offer new ways to promote your brand and attract new customers.  Some of the recent additions include new characters, brands, locations, business types, and interests such as 移动 (Chinese for .mobile), .bmw, .vegas, .realtor, and .ninja.  So far there are over 300 new gTLDs are available to register with plans for another 1,000 to come out over the next few years.  To see available gTLDs visit and click on the "Bulk Pricing" tab.